Travel Award FAQs

My award has been approved and I have submitted my receipts to the Office of Student Affairs. However, I still haven't received the money in my bank account.

Please check your UIC student account. The money gets posted there first and gets transferred to your checking account only if there is no residual balance owed on your student account.

A long time has passed since I submitted my receipts to the Office of Student Affairs, but the money is neither in my bank account nor in my UIC student account.

The GSC does not have direct access to the University's payroll system. While we approve the awards, we have no direct control over the deposition of funds.

The GSC awarded me $275, but only $228 appeared on my UIC student account.

Unfortunately, the University collects taxes on travel awards. This is why you may see a lower amount than what you expected to be deposited in your account.

I did a typo in my application, what can I do now.

You may submit a new application. Only the final and complete document will be considered for application.

I don't have my DGS or Academic Advisor in town for signatures, can I apply without their signature?

No, you must have all the required signatures to be considered for GSC Travel Application.