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Travel Award FAQs

Do I qualify for a travel award?

Currently enrolled, degree-seeking students at the University of Illinois completing eligible travel may apply for a travel award up to and including Q4 in the year of graduation. Non-degree students, former students, and students enrolled in other colleges at the University of Illinois are not eligible.

What expenses do travel awards cover?

Travel awards may be used towards transportation costs (e.g., flight boarding pass, airplane ticket expense), daily food receipts with dates of travel, hotel/housing expenses (e.g., detailed hotel folio listing a daily charge of room rate and tax), car rental receipt, and/or conference registration with confirmed receipts.

How many travel awards can I receive?

Students may only receive one (1) travel award per fiscal year. The fiscal year is defined as May 1 of one year to April 30 of the following year. For example, from May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023.

If a student has already received travel award funding from the Health Professions Student Council during the same fiscal year, the student is not eligible to receive a GSC travel award during that fiscal year.

Can I turn in my travel award application early?

Yes! This is highly encouraged, but please do not submit outside of the quarter during which you will travel to help with GSC and University record keeping (e.g. do not submit a Quarter 3 grant during Quarter 2).

I made a typo in my application, what can I do now?

You may submit a new application. Only the final and complete document will be considered for application.

I don't have my DGS or Academic Advisor in town for signatures, can I apply without their signature?

No, you must have all the required signatures to be considered for GSC Travel Application.

How many travel grants will be awarded?

Travel awards are contingent upon the availability of funds. GSC strives to support as many qualified applicants as possible.

Should I include original receipts with my travel award application?

No. Please do not submit original receipts with any travel award application. Original receipts are necessary after grant approval for processing with the university.

What happens if my conference/meeting occurs at the end of the fiscal year?

Any travel after May 1st will be considered for Q1 travel for the next fiscal year. At this time, travel grants for Q1 will be processed and awarded after final budget allocations are made for GSC (which depend on 10-day enrollment numbers for the new school year).

What happens if my application is not completed properly?

Ineligible applicants, including those who have received prior GSC or HPSC funding within the current fiscal year, will not be reconsidered. The most common reason for rejection is that a portion(s) of the application is missing or ineligible.

How do I retrieve my travel reimbursement after receiving an approval letter?

If your application is approved, you will receive an acceptance email from the Treasurer with directions for collecting your award. You must email an original receipt to the Office of the Dean of Students after you attend your meeting/conference and prior to the last day of award eligibility. Never submit any receipts to GSC! Receipts that are not submitted by the due date indicated on your award notice will be canceled and returned to the GSC Travel Fund for distribution to future applicants.

My award has been approved and I have submitted my receipts to the Office of the Dean of Students. However, I still haven't received the money in my bank account.

Please check your UIC student account. The money gets posted there first and gets transferred to your checking account only if there is no residual balance owed on your student account.

A long time has passed since I submitted my receipts to the Office of the Dean of Students, but the money is neither in my bank account nor in my UIC student account.

GSC does not have direct access to the University's payroll system. While we approve the awards, we have no direct control over the deposition of funds.

The GSC awarded me $275, but only $228 appeared on my UIC student account.

Unfortunately, the University collects taxes on travel awards. This is why you may see a lower amount than what you expected to be deposited in your account.