GSC Travel Awards

The UIC Graduate Student Council Travel Award is available to students actively participating in academic or professional meetings. To eligible applicants, the GSC gives awards of up to $275, which may be used for reimbursement of transportation, lodging, registration, and meal costs.

Travel Award Eligibility

  • Applicants must not be eligible for a Health Professions Student Council (HPSC) Travel Award.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at UIC.
  • Applicants must be presenting his/her own original work, chairing a session, or leading a discussion at a recognized meeting or conference.
  • The applicant's department must have a currently active GSC departmental representative. An active GSC departmental representative is one who attends all of the regularly scheduled GSC departmental representative meetings in a given fiscal year (May 1st through April 30th). In the event that a GSC departmental representative cannot attend a meeting, an alternate may attend in their place. If one meeting is missed by both the representative and the alternate, the absence may be "made up" through service to the GSC in a manner determined by the GSC executive officers. Such an absence at more than one meeting may result in that department's loss of active status for the reminder of that fiscal year.
  • Applicants may only receive one (1) GSC Travel Award per fiscal year (May 1st - April 30th).

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GSC Project Awards

The Graduate Student Council Project Awards provide financial assistance to graduate student organizations or individual students who seek to complete a service project. In order to receive any funding, the student or group must be currently enrolled and seeking a degree in the graduate college at the University of Illinois. In addition, the student's graduate program must be in good standing with the GSC. The GSC attempts to support as many qualified applicants as possible. However, grants are contingent upon the availability of funds and limited to $500 per grant.

Project Award Eligibility

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled, degree-seeking students in the graduate college.
  • Projects include, but are not limited to, lectures, campus projects, and community service projects. Projects must be open to all graduate students and primarily benefit graduate students.
  • Project grants will cover the following expenses: advertisements, food, transportation, materials needed for the project and rental fees.
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