The 2012-2013 GSC Committees are:

GSC is serving and reaching UIC graduate students through its committees by organizing various seminars, workshops, meetings and social events. There are total 7 committees with various goals:

Academic Committee
Organizing and launching academic workshops and seminars that would help graduate students in their dissertation, grant/paper writing, resume preparation, job application, etc.

Diversity Committee
Being in close relation with Chancellor Diversity Committees and keeping the graduate students aware of recent issues and problems and supporting events that benefit graduate population. Contacting undergraduate student organizations and collaborating with them against any discrimination issue.

Finance Committee
Following the allocation of the GSC budget throughout the year and making/suggesting amendments. Helping the treasurer for travel awards applications.

Communications Committee
Collaborating with The Health Professions Student Council, Graduate Employees Organization, U of I Student Trustees, UIC Undergradaute Student Government, and other U of I student organizations. Planning GSC Newsletter and updating GSC Facebook page.

Service Committee
Promoting UIC SLDVS, and UIC Wellness Center events. Inviting speakers to GSC meetings in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition, stress management, etc.

Social Committee
Organizing at least 3 social event in an academic year including End of Semester Parties. Collaborating with Graduate College, UIC OIS, and UIC Student Affairs and promoting their social events for the benefit of graduate students.

Sustainability Committee
Collaborating with UIC Office of Sustainablity and promoting their events. Launching used clothes, food, toys, collection drives. Promoting carpooling and bike riding; helping cleaner campus movements.

How to join a committee:
GSC committees are great opportunities for graduate students to meet with new people from other departments or even from other U of I campuses. Committee chairpersons will have the privilage of learning leadership in small groups and contact with people in various campuses and cities which will be very beneficial for their careers. We are always looking for volunteers; if you would like to be a part of a committee please contact GSC officers.