Executive Committee Members

The GSC Executive Committee is a great opportunity for graduate students to meet new people from other departments or even from other U of I campuses. By becoming a GSC Executive Committee member, you can not only serve the UIC graduate community but develop your leadership skills by becoming an indispensable segment of GSC. The following members help in organizing and launching academic workshops and seminars that would help graduate students in their dissertation, grant/paper writing, resume preparation, job application, etc. They also assist in keeping the graduate students aware of recent issues and problems and supporting events that benefit the overall graduate student population.

GSC Officers would like to thank all Executive Committee members for their time and assistance with GSC events, seminars, and duties. Thank you for your endless passionate support!

Executive Committee Member List

Meghan Bang
Christine Barber
Aditi Doshi
Sydney Erlikh
Ritesh Jagatramka

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